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The Eagle Landing Golf Courses are two par-3 public courses on the side of a hill in Happy Valley (11 miles southeast of downtown Portland). The North Course has 18 holes and the South has 9 holes. The longest hole is 87 yards, and most are under 60 yards. Almost all holes have elevation changes. Several holes have traps and several others have tall, old Douglas Fir trees. In general, the South Course is much more open. Both courses have views of Happy Valley. The clubhouse for the Eagle Landing Golf Courses is a small shack. The courses are hilly but very short, so it’s a nice walk.

Course History

The courses themselves have a short history. They were opened in 2004. But the property has a long golf history starting in 1928 when the City View Golf Course opened its first 9 on the property. A second 9 was opened in 1931. The course became the subject of a bankruptcy case and emerged in the 1940s as Top O’ Scott. For a while, Top O’ Scott was one of THE places to play in Oregon and hosted the 1951 Oregon Open (in which Snead, Nelson, Hogan, and Demerest all played). The course went through several owners (sometimes different owners for different parts) and was remodeled as chunks of it were sold off. In 1997, Show Timber bought the course from the then owners, New Hope Church and The Archdiocese of Portland. The subsidiary of Show Timber that was developing the property initially proposed an 800 unit residential development plus commercial and retail spaces, using almost the entire space. There was a public outcry to save the course (or at least the open space). Through a long and cooperative negotiating process, the end result was 400 residential units, some retail/office space, with 30 acres being reserved as open space (including the two 3-par courses).

Why It Is There

Formerly the location of one of the great Portland-area courses, the present course is part of a compromise in the approval of the Eagle Landing development. It is now an amenity for the area.

I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Played

In looking at the history of Top ‘O Scott, it was said that all the greens broke south (downhill). The greens for these courses seem to favor that as well.

Did You Know

One of the people who helped plan the courses was one of the last pros at Top ‘O Scott, Scott Nash.

Good For Them

They have discounted rates for in-home care providers (this maybe unique in Oregon). And if enough folks sign up, they hold junior golf camps.

Why Play This Course

A good place to work on the short game and a good place to learn the game. With an adjoining 36-hole mini-golf course (on “grass carpet” with lots of obstacles), its a good place to bring the family.


    • Type: 27-hole 3 par, 2-course public facility
    • Price: $
    • Phone/webpage: (503)698-7888/www.theaerieateaglelanding.com/golf
    • Address:  10220 SE Causey Ave., Happy Valley, Oregon 97086
    • Owner: Eagle Landing Ventures LLC
    • Designer: Neil Nedelisky and Bill Robinson
    • Pros: None
    • Practice Facilities: 36 hole mini-golf course, practice sand area, practice green
    • Pro Shop: Very minimal (balls and tees)
    • Food: Snacks, soda, and beer (occasionally they do cookouts); there is a small seating area overlooking the South Course
    • Bathrooms: In adjacent events space
    • Yardage Markers: None (except on the tee)
    • Clothing: Be tasteful, T-shirts and non-holed jeans are OK
    • Walkable: Short, hilly, easy walk
    • Spikes: Soft
    • Shoe Cleaning: Brush
    • Rentals: Clubs and pull carts
    • All seasons
Yards Par
North Course 1109 54
South Course 569 27
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Eagle Landing Golf Courses
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