Fiddler’s Green Golf Course

General Course DescriptionFiddler's Green

Along Highway 99 just north of Eugene is the massive Fiddler’s Green retail store. Behind the store is this public 18-hole par-3 Fiddler’s Green Golf Course. The combination is the Fiddler’s Green Golf Center, which contains the “largest on-course golf pro shop in America.” The flat and generally open course is both pastoral (there are lots of birds and several holes go next to a sheep ranch) and urban (you hear the highway and on occasion a plane will fly over on its approach to the Eugene Airport).  Hole lengths are between 70 and 202 yards, and several have water or trees in play. The primary defense is the greens, which are very small (and a little bumpy), but hold well. The fairways are a bit shaggy, but generally uniform, and there is differentiation between fairway and rough. Staff is very friendly, and most folks are out on the course to have fun. Reservations not taken (but if you are traveling there call ahead to make sure there is no event temporarily closing the course).  Short, flat, and compact, it is a very easy walk.

Course History

Opened in 1964 as the “Country Place.” The Whalen family bought the course in 1976, changed the name, and greatly expanded the retail space.

Why It Is There

Ben and Virginia Simpson wanted to build an easy-to-play course for the whole family. The Whalens have kept the course as part of a greater golf enterprise.

I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Played

Because of the variety of lengths of the holes, you need to take all clubs needed for yardage between 0 to 202 yards. It is not a typical wedge-and-putter 3-par course.

Did You Know

Sometimes they allow groups larger than four.

When the Whalen family purchased the course, they helped to form an Industral Golf League from the multiple manufacturing plants and resource yards in the area. Matches would then be held on the course.  And before the rise of mail-order and web-order, golfing celebrities (like Ernest Borgnine and Andy Williams) would come in to buy the latest golf gadget.

Good For Them

The ponds on the course collect rain water that is then used for irrigation. It is a host course for The First Tee. The course hosts tournaments for high school JV squads.

Why Play This Course

If you are learning the game, you can hit a few on the driving range and then apply what you learned on the course. If you are an experienced golfer, the variety of lengths of the holes make it a great place to hone your accuracy at a very reasonable price.


    • Type: 18-hole public 3-par course
    • Price: $
    • Phone/webpage: (541)689-8464/
    • Address: 91292 Highway 99N, Eugene Oregon 97402
    • Owner: French Creek Properties, LLC
    • Designer: John Zoller
    • Pros: Doug DeChateau (PGA)
    • Practice Facilities: Driving range on mats, putting green (where short pitching is allowed)
    • Pro Shop: A massive amount of clothing, equipment, and all things golf related
    • Food: A cafe serves sandwiches, burgers, and the like, and has beer and wine
    • Bathrooms: Improved in clubhouse and a port-a-potty is on the course
    • Yardage Markers: None (except on the tee box); the different colored flags indicate what side you are on
    • Clothing: Be legal
    • Walkable: Compact, flat, and short –  an easy walk
    • Spikes: Soft only
    • Shoe Cleaning:  Brush and air hose
    • Rentals: Clubs and pull carts
    • Open all year
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