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General Course DescriptionNeskowin golf

Neskowin Beach Golf Course is a unique, 9-hole, short public course in the central Oregon Coast built on a marsh that floods annually. The course is near the ocean, but only has one view of the ocean (from the high tees on the 7th hole). Neskowin Beach Golf Course is very open with a few trees and creeks in the mix. The course is unique because of its interesting history, ever changing yardage because of annual flooding, and being an integral part of the local community. Great course for a family and those learning the game of golf. Easy course to walk.

Course History

Built in 1932, with the design being primarily attributed to Ercel Kay, but newspaper articles written at the time attribute the design to Graham Sharkey. In its early years, the first hole was used as an airfield for the community. In 2015, the then owner of the course announced plans to sell it. In an amazing show of support, the community (and the community of Neskowin golfers) came together, formed a non-profit corporation, and through contributions by members purchased the course. At the time the course was purchased by the community, the name of the course was changed from Neskowin Marsh to Neskowin Beach.

Why It Is There

Local residents wanted a course. Now it is an integral part of the community.

I Wish I Would Have Known Before I PlayedNeskowin golf

The 8th hole is a left turn with the approach shot going over a creek. The drive needs to get close to the trees straight away to get a good shot at the elevated green.

Did You Know

In the 1950s, Helen Detweiller was the pro for the course (while also being a pro in Palm Desert, where she gave lessons to, among others, President Dwight Eisenhower). Mrs. Detweiller was a co-founder of the LPGA, flew B-17 bombers in World War II, and was the play-by-play announcer for the Washington Senators Major League Baseball Team for a year.  Ben Hogan referred to her as “the best teaching pro there ever was.”  For many years there was a women’s tournament held at the course in her name and you still see players using the “Detweiller Trigger” when starting their swing. Jack Benny played the course in 1959, but refused to give his score when asked by the press.

Good For Them

Because of the seasonality of the course, there is minimal use of fertilizer and pesticides. Bear and elk have recently been seen on the course. The two creeks that run through the course have Silver Salmon runs (Butte Creek is designated as an essential salmon habitat by ODFW). As a center of the community, the course hosts many non-golf events such as hikes, cornhole tournaments, croquet, bocce ball, concerts, movie nights, bingo, and wine/cider tastings.

Why Play This CourseNeskowin golf

The course is a confusion of grasses and ever-changing water/mud spots. But you don’t play the course for the course, you play it to be in a beautiful area and experience the Neskowin Community. The course is run by devoted volunteers, and you are very likely to see families playing — with fathers and mothers teaching their children to play golf — on the same course where those fathers and mothers learned to play.


  • Type: 9-hole public course
  • Price: $$
  • Phone/webpage: (503)392-3377/
  • Address:  48405 Hawk Street, Neskowin, Oregon 97149
  • Owner: Neskowin Beach Golf Course. Inc.
  • Designer: Ercel Kay (also designed/developed Salem GC) probably with Graham Sharkey
  • Pros: None
  • Practice Facilities: Practice green
  • Pro Shop: Minimal, some balls
  • Food: Pop, beer, and snacks
  • Bathrooms: Improved in clubhouse
  • Yardage Markers: 150 and 100 wood markers in fairway
  • Clothing: Be dressed
  • Walkable: Very
  • Spikes: No restrictions
  • Shoe Cleaning: None
  • Rentals: All (but power carts cannot be used when the course is really wet)
  • Closed in winter

Yardage, rating, and slope are subject to change depending on the status of the encroaching or receding water.

Yards Par Rating Slope
White 2262 34 30.9/32.7 97/115
Red 2034 34 30.1/31.3 98/103
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Neskowin Marsh Golf Course
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